Brian Self Design, Inc. offers a wide range of capabilities with a broad knowledge and experience base.

Medical Marketing <br> & Physician Education

Medical Marketing
& Physician Education

Development of websites, online registration, brochures, email campaigns, trade show booth panels and banners for nationally recognized cardiology conferences.

Cardiology Conferences / Medical Institutions:
• Complex Coronary Valvular & Vascular Cases, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York
• Scottsdale Interventional Forum (SIF) Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, Arizona
• Summer in Seattle (SIS), Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, Washington
• CVCC, San Francisco, California
• Cardiology Fiesta, San Antonio, Texas

• Physician’s Press – “Guide to Rotational Atherectomy” and CD-ROM Companion
• BMC Communications – Full-page Ads for Numerous Clients


Responsive Web Development <br> (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)

Responsive Web Development
(HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)

Experience Israel and Seven Echoes are web documentaries featuring the Holy Lands in the Middle East. As a portfolio site, Experience Israel has had nearly 70,000 visitors. Combining virtual realities and conventional media, the website brings distant lands as close as your mobile device with a beautiful responsive design.



• Interface design for an internal Microsoft Marketing web application

• Interface design for a consulting company that works with Microsoft

• App wire framing, interface design and interactive prototyping

Creative & <br> Consulting Services

Creative &
Consulting Services

Experience advising the decision makers – the CEOs, CFOs, MDs or PhDs –  in charge of a company, healthcare institution, event, product or project.

• Project Management

• Event Identities

• Trade Show Panels and Signage Design

• Venture Capital & Executive Presentations

• Branding & Logo Design

Aerial Videography <br> & Photography

Aerial Videography
& Photography

The advent of the personal drone now provides a bird’s-eye perspective to the arena of videography and photography. As this area grows, Brian Self Design, Inc. is at the forefront of the UAV industry, not only developing 3D parts for UAVs being sold today, but also developing and customizing techniques and technology (non-commercially) to eventually use this cutting-edge technology for videography and photography once government regulations are drafted.

3D Design, Printing <br>& Product Sales

3D Design, Printing
& Product Sales

The exciting new arena of 3D printing is revolutionizing the world. Desktop, just-in-time manufacturing isn’t just a future idea, it’s a reality. Micro niche markets that were once too small to profitably be addressed by conventional manufacturing can now be served with 3D printing that allows mass-customization.

Brian Self Design, Inc. has developed a line of UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) parts that are featured on Shapeways.com. The Fuselage Upgrade Kit for the DJI Phantom 1 was the featured drone part on Shapeways on their homepage for April, 2014. Shapeways has over a million products available online, with thousands being added every month.



Brian Self Design, Inc. has done projects delivered to a wide range of clients:

Medical Device Clients:
• Boston Scientific
• Ekos
• Pathway Medical
• Quinton (Cardiac Science)
• CoAptus
• Guidant
• Heartport (GE Medical)

• Swedish Medical Center
• Mount Sinai Medical Center
• Microsoft
• Scottsdale Healthcare

Deep Toolbox

Deep Toolbox


• Web Design
• Motion Graphics
• Image Compositing
• Javascript
• JQuery
• WordPress CMS
• Joomla CMS
• Kanban
• Publishing (Books, Large Format and Ads)
• Knowledge of Cardiology

• Adobe Creative Suite
• Prototyping Software
• Wireframing Software (OmniGraffle, XMind)
• Sketch
• Sketchup
• Makerware
• Microsoft Office

Operating Systems
• Mac OS X
• Windows 10
• iOS
• Android
• Linux



For more information, or  to discuss your business or project idea, please feel free to contact Brian Self Design, Inc:

Email: brian at brianselfdesign dot com